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Seo Training Objectives

- Increase knowledge of research tools and techniques of SEO

- Optimizing your site for SEO: tags, meta description, HTML code, links, URL rewriting ...

- Making the synthesis tripartite strategy / editorial / technical

Most of the training

- A full day of practice

- Analysis of your problems and find solutions

Online Seo Training program

Session 1

Bots: operating principles and developments

- Technologies of the major search portals

- How Google, Yahoo ...: crawlers, indexing criteria ...

- Techniques to improve the positioning of its website

The Long Tail SEO applied to: boost the creation of traffic on the site

- Definition and principle of the long tail in search marketing

- Implement a long tail strategy as part of its referencing: the methods to avoid

SEO strategy: the methodology to be adopted

- Step 1: indexability notion of how to ensure that your website is fully read and understood by search engines?

- Step 2: HTML code optimization: the main areas to consider

- Step 3: how to write editorial content for search engines

- Step 4: measure the effectiveness and relevance of its SEO strategy

To index its site in excess of blocking factors: duplicate content, flash, dynamic site, URL rewriting ...

- Issue of Duplicate Content

- SEO Flash, JavaScript

- URL Rewriting for dynamic sites

- SEO videos, images, news and headlines

Session 2

Case study: to identify techniques used by a website already online and well referenced.

Case study: why search for a website is poorly referenced.

Case study: development of a methodology to find the keywords on which position its website.

Debriefing and questions / answers on practical cases of the morning

Case study: optimization of HTML 2 pages: one page + a page of content on a web site for the proposed generic training or on its own website.

Case Study: Writing optimized content for search engines.

Debriefing and questions / answers on practical cases of the day

Who Should Attend?

Responsible E-marketing - E-Business Director - Site Administrator - Webmaster - Internet Project Manager - E-Marketers - Marketing Director - Director of Information Systems - Responsible Internet

For Seo training: Knowledge of HTML is must

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